Autodesk - MeshMixer

MeshMixer is not a dental software. It is a very userfriendly and basic CAD design software that works very well in the dental industry. There are other programs that work as well, but MeshMixer has gained a lot of popularity for its ease of use, quick learning curve, and robust tool set for what we need. Also, many of the tools used in MeshMixer are similar to what we have in other, Dental specific software.

Software can be downloaded at:

Meshmixer - Dental Model Work

This series of videos is intended to help the new user familiarize themselves with many of the tools we use on a regular basis in MeshMixer on Dental projects. Keep in mind, some of the steps have evolved over time, but the tools you'll learn here will introduce you to capabilites of the software. Creativity stems from awareness. (Video List selector in top left)

MeshMixer - Ortho

This playlist is designed to help user get models ready PRIOR to use in a your ortho software. Use these tips to help close your model, base it, hollow if you like, plane cut the distal for vertical printing, and even add a print platform if you wish. Also, a few common sources of error are discussed. (Video List selector in top left)

MeshMixer - Occlusal Guard

These videos will show some of the techniques I've developed to help in the construction of occlusal guards. (Video List selector in top left)

MeshMixer - Advanced Usage

These videos are more or less constantly evolving. New techniques are routinely added to this playlist. Be sure to check in periodically as new videos are added. You might even consider 'Subscribing' so that you'll be made aware when new videos are created. (Video List selector in top left)