3D Printing Tools

Below, I'm going to list many of the accessories I've collected for improving the printing process. Fact of the matter is, you don't NEED most of this. But, it will make your life easier and save you significant expense over buying the 'Industry Equipment".

Below, you will first find a playlist to shows the use of the many of the different tools. After that is each individual tool with direct purchase link.

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MoonRay 3D Printing Accessory Kit:

This kit will provide you with the accessories you need to efficiently wash and cure your prints. Additionally, all you need to remove your prints and filter your resin if/when needed. Also, mixing your resin prior to printing is equally important. Lastly, it's important to have the ability to measure your prints for accuracy.

Washing Prints

MoonRay S Wash Bath:

These tubs are great for holding your Isopropyl Alcohol when washing your prints. I prefer to cut a hole in the lid and submerge the entire print bed.

Form2 Wash Bath:

These tubs are great for holding your Isopropyl Alcohol when washing your prints. I prefer to cut a hole in the lid and submerge the entire print bed.

Magnetic Beaker Stirrer:

This device will help you to create a vortex of your Isopropyl Alcohol during the washing process. This makes the process much more hands-off, as the IPA will be flushed all around the prints without cease.

Magnetic Stir Bean:

The magnetic beaker stirrer will typically come with it's own stir bean. However, this particular Bean is larger and better designed for maximum stirring of the IPA. Be sure to have one for each bath.

Isopropyl Alcohol:

There are lots of options when buying IPA. This just happens to be one of the many and more reasonably priced. 

Alcohol Wipes:

Great for quick and easy cleaning of your tools and print processing area. Not a must-have, but a convenience for sure.

Curing Prints

UV Nail Lamp:

This device is excellent for post-curing your prints. Inexpensive, but effective. Be sure to buy extra bulbs and replace when they begin to dim.

Solar Powered Turntable:

This is a great adjunct for light-box curing. Powered by the light-box and with a clear platform, it helps to ensure proper curing from all angles.

54W Nail Lamp:

If you want to cure a lot of models at one time and don't like to cure directly on the printbed, this is the best solution I've found. I can typically fit 8-10 models very comfortably. More if necessary.

Resin Maintenance


When yo have a failed print, or prior to storing your resin, it's best to run it through a filter to remove any cured particles. 


Not a necessity, but sometimes holding the filter is frustrating because it's flimsy paper. Line this funnel with the filter for easier use.

Silicone Spatula:

This is a must-have item. It's cheap and will reduce the difficulty and time needed to thoroughly mix your resin. 


Painters Knife:

This tool is useful for all resin printing. Though dangerous if care is not taken, it's sharpness, rigid nature, and solid handle make it perfect for releasing even the most difficult prints.


These come packaged with most printers. Their good for removing supports and for releasing prints from the print-bed. They can get gummed up if not cleaned properly. So, if you need a replacement her last set, here you go.

Outlet Timer:

This is great for the 'set it and forget it' mentality. I use this for both my wash stations and my curing units. 

Nail Trimming Handpiece:

This extremely affordable alternative to a traditional lab handpiece is great for trimming aligners, adjusting dentures, smoothing printers, and polishing ceramics. Not necessarily the same torque as the real thing, but more than adequate for most tasks.

Digital Caliper:

This is a tool every tinkerer should own. Particularly those into Digital Dentistry where Microns count. You can go even more precise, but this should do for most tasks.

Drill Bit Set:

This can be useful when printing surgical guides. Occasionally, we need to ream the guide tube holes for better fitment.