BlueSkyBio - Implantology

Blue Sky Bio started out as an implant company, founded by Dr. Sheldon Learner (Periodontist) and Dr. Albert Zickmann (OMFS). As CBCT usage grew, they saw an overlocked area of the industry, a universal viewing software that was free to use. And upon that, they built one of the most robust guided surgery software platforms available. This page will serve to help users become more versed in its capabilities.

Software can be downloaded at:

BlueSkyPlan Guide - Basic Walkthrough

This series of videos will walk you through the basic functionality of the BlueSkyPlan Guide software. It will walk you through opening a DICOM (patient Scan), importing an STL (3D model), designing your guide, and exporting the final Guide for manufacturing (3D printing or milling).

Software Delegation:

This series of videos is meant to be a reference for those you might delegate case setup to. Also, those whom might be finalizing the guide and getting it printed. These videos can ideally be played right along side your own case-setup.

BlueSkyPlan Edentulous Scan Appliance Guide:

This set of videos will walk you through the process of using a patient’s existing (new or old) to create a temporary scan-appliance using the denture. From there, it will walk you through the process of actual guide design.

BlueSkyGuide Guide - Advanced Usage

These videos highlight some of the more advanced techniques used in guide design and fabrication. Most of these techniques will not be necessary in routine BSP use, but can help for the power user. There may occasionally be a few videos done in MeshMixer, but they are purely for Guide purposes. (Video List selector in top left)