Surgical Tools

Below, I'm going to list many of the tools I use for surgery. The dental tax on these items can be HEFTY. Consider these options if you'd like. If you'd like more info on PRF training, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the free training released by Dr. Russell Kirk OMFS (

I don't necessarily own these specific products. I tried to find items that were most akin to those that I do use, as some are discontinued.

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PRF Supplies

PRF Starter Kit:

This kit will provide you with everything you need to get your office equipped to add PRF procedures to your practice. The higher ticket items will only need to be purchased once. The consumables amount to enough supplies for approximately 25 patients.


Variable speed, variable time, digital display centrifuge that accepts 8 10-15mL vials.

Vein Lite:

This will aid the user in locating the vein for venipuncture. Simple tool can save lots of time.

21g Butterfly Needle w/ Collection Sheath:

These are ideal diameter and length for blood collection. There are other options that are cheaper, but harder to order.

Disposable Tourniquet:

Remove prior to your last vial.

a-PRF Collections Tubes:

These are glass tubes (not what's pictured) and are ideal for plug or membrane creation.

i-PRF Pipettes:

These can be used for to more easily retrieve the non-consilidated PRF used to create sticky bone.

Sharps Containters:

Most offices have plenty of sharps containers. But, just in case, this is a small option perfect for your PRF supplies.

Blood Tube Rack:

This is just a simply rack to more easy hold your vials. Definitely just an option.

PRF Processing Kit:

Kit can be used to create PRF plug or membranes. It also contains a small well for combining with bone. 

Clinical Supplies

ECONOMY Castroviejo Straight Needle Holder:

Affordable option that work well and are inexpensive enough to be disposable should the locking mechanism break. 

Castroviejo Suture Scissors:

Great for access and fine detil cutting. CAUTION: they can dull if not properly maintained. 

Tissue Curette: 

This instrument is EXCELLENT for removing granulomatous tissue. 

Disposable Bone Carrying Syringes:

These are cheap (~$0.11each) and are excellent for carrying bone to the cite. Just clip the tip and you’re good to go.

Useful Text

Implants Made Easy:

This book is a great introduction the the basics of implant surgery. I highly recommend familiarizing with this text prior to attending a more comprehensive curriculum. This will give you a solid basis from which to learn.

Guide Implantolgy Made Easy:

This is a great book for learning the basics of guided surgery.