BlueSkyBio Orthodontics

Blue Sky Bio started out as an implant company. Soon after, they developed a free to download software that allows users to plan guided surgery. In time, it was realized that clear aligners is a largely software driven orthodontic approach. And digital Indirect Bonding Tray design would be hot on its heels. With the tools they already had in place, developing an orthodontic module was the next obvious step. This page will help you to understand the software and it's capabilities.

Software can be downloaded at:

BlueSkyPlan Ortho (Aligners)

This playlist will function as a tutorial for you to learn the basics of the aligner software. Follow along with these steps and your eyes will be opened to the possibilities. (Video List selector in top left).

BlueSkyPlan Cephalometric Analysis

The Ceph analysis module was BSB's first entry into ortho. With measuring tools already in place, it was a quick addition to the software that allows for easy and efficient report generation and overall Ceph evaluation.

Software Delegation:

This series of videos is aimed at giving a sort of video checklist for working up cases in office. These tasks can be delegated to an auxilliary. Greatly reducing the doctor or ortho 'expert' time on the software.

Clear Aligner Fabrication:

These are the steps we use to fabricate aligners in our office. There are lots of methods, but this approach works predictably for us. 

Links to many of the items shown can be found, HERE!