Chase Kelly

Fantastic course! We were provided cases prior to attending which really helped us get up to speed. As always, Dr, Grutter was generous with his knowledge and resources which made implementing these workflows an immediate success in my practice. His down-to-earth and practical approach was truly appreciated. I highly recommend his course to propel your digital dentistry adventure.

~ Chase Kelly DDS

Richard Witty

I took Dr Grutter’s BSB Guided Surgery course and am now planning surgical cases on my own! He shared with us some wonderful tutorials on how to do everything and also walked us through planning cases. He is very knowledgeable in the digital dentistry field and has always been very helpful with any questions I may have. I will be signing up for digital ortho with BSB ASAP.

~ Richard Witty

Steven Vorholt

Actionable, Intuitive, and Ground-breaking. Awesome to learn from someone pushing the envelope in digital dentistry. After you leave a course from Baron you better get on your one-wheel when you get back to your office because you're going to have actionable new skills to improve your practice on day 1. He walks you through the software with several cases, and they aren't easy ones! He challenges you to learn the techniques necessary for even the more complicated cases you'll see when you get home, so you're prepared to start offering guided implants or digital orthodontics to your patients immediately.

~ Dr. Steven Vorholt